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Conference Rooms

A properly designed conference room takes advantage of the best layout to ensure the main display is easy to see and operate. Axon provides all of the needed connections, controls and digital screens so the displays are easy to access and control, and hidden when not needed for an aesthetically pleasing look. We offer full design services, including architectural drawings, 3D models of the space, construction documents, construction services, lighting, setup and programming.


Video Distribution

Distributing video offers the latest network newscast or big game throughout a restaurant/bar or office on multiple TVs in crystal-clear high definition. Distribution of video sources offers multiple channel options such as hotel rooms, without having to use a cable box in each room. Restaurant and bar video distribution is unique in that they want to offer multiple events on different displays, but to be spaced out so that everyone has a clear view of each event and that the image is in high definition.

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Unlike a standard conference room, teleconferencing rooms have special needs for audio and video. These rooms need multiple displays to allow for connection to different locations at the same time. Also needed are specialized microphone and speaker setups to make sure the audio is clear and easy to hear. Axon provides all of the needed equipment to ensure your teleconferencing room is up and running quickly, with clear and distortion-free communications.


Audio and Paging System

Distributed audio throughout a restaurant/bar or office offers a pleasing ambience to your clients, customers and workforce. In addition, integrating a paging option makes for easy communications with customers or employees. Axon provides design and installation services to meet your needs, whether for a small office or a large showroom.


Interactive and Video Display Walls

A popular demand for business is direct input to a computer for the display surface. This functionality allows you to interact with your conference room system like it’s your smartphone, which makes presentations more engaging.

Just like it sounds, a video display wall is a wall of displays to make one big image. An example would be a bar with nine specialized displays arranged in a 3x3 grid to look and be controlled as one or multiple images.

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Digital Display

Today, digital display systems can offer complete control of the displays in a space. Display daily specials or sales, have video of products playing in a loop, have RSS feeds mixed in for additional information. Customize the image to have the company logo on top – no matter what is displaying – for better branding.


Security, CCTV and Card Access

Make sure your place of work is secured and monitored. With a CCTV system you can see what is going on at work without having to be there. If you have multiple locations, a remote-accessed CCTV system will allow you to view each of them from anywhere, using just a smartphone or computer.

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Data, Voice Cabling and Networking

Axon designs and installs cabling for voice and data systems. We make sure all necessary cables are run to the appropriate locations for services such as Wireless Access Points (WAP), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), gigabit Ethernet and beyond.


Custom Control

Control your business from anywhere, or have it control itself with simple-to-set automated commands. and manage it all from one simple interface. You can monitor and control the HVAC, lighting, security, door locks, window shades, cameras, audio and video. Being able to control all these aspects of your business will not only make your life easier, it will make your business more energy efficient and save you money.

Some of Our Valued Partners

Axon has the privilege of working with many of the leading AV product manufacturers in both residential and commercial applications. These relationships help us to provide our customers with the right solution to meet their individual needs. Below are some of our valued partners.

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