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Home Control and Automation

Control your house from anywhere or have it control itself with simple to set automated commands and manage it all from one simple interface.  Controlling the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lighting, security, door locks, window shades, cameras, audio and video with the touch of a button.  Being able to control all these aspects of your house will not only make your life easier, but it will also be more energy efficient and greener. 

Example of typical automation applications:

When leaving your house for the day or vacation just press the "Away" button; the security system will be armed, all the doors will be locked, the lights will turn off (or set to turn on randomly to make it look like someone is home), all the speakers and TVs will be powered down, outlets that power irons or curling irons will be turned off, shades will close, the garage door will be closed if it is left open, and the house temperature will be turned down.  When on the way home just press a button on your smart phone to tell the house to turn on the spa, audio system, and outside lights, as well as adjust the temperature.


Custom Home Cinema

With increasing movie tickets prices, and crowded theaters, staying home to watch movies makes more and more sense.  Avoid the sticky floors and inconvenience, invite friends over, pop some popcorn, sit back and watch the latest blockbuster or big game with the highest quality image and sound.

From simple multi-purpose theater rooms to custom and theme based cinema rooms we offer full design services: architectural drawings, 3D models of the space, construction documents, construction services, theater seating, wall treatments, lighting, setup and programming. 


Living Room Audio Video Systems

For the room that is used by the whole family, you want the cleanest, best looking and best sounding entertainment system.  TVs have been getting thinner every year and look great, but the cable box, satellite box, blu-ray player, game system and other devices have not been getting smaller and are usually a cluttered mess sitting below the TV.  With planning this equipment can be placed out of the way for a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing look.  This also offers the ability to control and send the video and audio signals to other parts of the house making it easier to watch and listen to what you want from anywhere in the house.  Using speakers that go behind the walls will sound better than the standard TV speakers and they will also not detract from the looks of the room. 


Distributed Audio or Whole Home Audio

With distributed audio you can listen to all your music anywhere in the house at a comfortable volume.  You will know what is playing and control what will play next from anywhere in the house or yard.  The whole home audio system is compatible with any portable media player or iPod.


Lighting Control

Lighting control allows you to not only have full control of the lighting of your house but also reduce the cost of running your lights.  Have multiple lighting scenes available with the push of a button.  You can have scenes run automatically based on the time of day, sunrise, sunset, or an event like when someone enters the house. All the lights in the house can be turned off for bedtime from one location. 

Shade Control

Lighting control also includes controlling the sun light coming in through the windows.  Motorized shades and blinds allow for full control of all the light in the house.  The shades are offered in multiple designs and fabric materials.  


Security and CCTV

You can monitor your house and see what is happening from anywhere.  Receive notifications when something or someone passes by one of the cameras.  With a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) the video system can be backed up for viewing later. The system can be tied to a supplied monitoring service where someone is monitoring the alarm system all the time. 


Other Services

  • Voice data and video cabling, which is the backbone of the house network
  • Networking both wired and wireless setups makes sure any device can connect from every corner of the house
  • Computer setup including building or purchasing computers and fixing or cleaning up any computer issues
  • Central Vacuum systems which allows for the collection of all the dust and dirt in one location and makes cleaning easier